How many bundles of virgin Brazilian hair do I need for a sew in

The Correct Amount of Brazilian Hair Bundles for 2017

So how much hair do you need for a complete sew in weave? This might get a pretty technical, but will support you a lot!

Know your weft

A weft is where virgin hair is machine tied or hand tied. With little hair, wefts are fuller. With extensive hair, they are lighter.  Why? You are not being indignant, rest assured.

Hair that is imported is priced according to weight. This is normal when ordering and importing hair because it is how suppliers out of the country make the hair. The features are always hundred grams; irrespective of length if not a prior agreement is made to customize the weight to other dimensions. Anyway, it does not matter if you are purchasing a twenty two or ten they weight the same. But because the twenty two is longer, there is a change in the hair amount on the weft.

How many bundles you need for a complete install

Most times two bundles are required for a full look, amplifying the sense of volume. The full idea of getting a weave is to include volume and to match the customers own hair colour and texture.

The common rule of thumb is: the little the hair bundle the more volume you obtain. A twelve will have far more volume than an eighteen bundle of human hair.

With twelve and less, one bundle can more than sufficient – because this length has lots of volume on the weft. Anything from fourteen, it is remarkable to apply two bundles. Anything from twenty and up, it is not unusual to apply three bundles of human hair.

How much hair do you need for a half weave?

The distance between your paths play an important role in the amount of bundles you will want. Depending on how much you leave out on the peak of your head, two bundles should be more than enough.

How long is long?

There truly is no such thing is ample hair. 

Hair texture

Texture should not change bundle amount, anyway, any frugalistas out there should listen nearly. You can get away with less wefts with kinky or curly textures. The density of these curl patterns will make your hair look complete, even with less wefts sew in.